First Book Review…from a PhD in Dallas

A great week; books arrived Tuesday — First “review” arrived yesterday

My living room has some new furniture -- 16 cartons of books. The mail packages on the floor went out on Tuesday and among them was one to Dr. Bob Wyatt in Dallas.

My week really kicked into gear on Tuesday when 545 copies of our book were delivered to my doorstep by FedEx. Having already prepared thirty Priority Mail packages to all those who had helped with the book, I immediately sent out books to those who provided inspiration & encouragement and to endorsers, my editor, my agent, family and very close friends. Dr. Bob Wyatt in Dallas was on that first distribution list and, to my knowledge, is the first person to read the printed book.

Yesterday I began my bookstore tour of New England to meet the shop owners, introduce our book and invite them to our book launch party on September 29. By this time next week, I expect to have visited a dozen college bookstores on campuses such as Harvard, M.I.T., Wellesley, Holy Cross, Trinity, Smith, Williams, NYU, Princeton and Columbia. One of the beauties of this area is that you can reach all of those great institutions within a two hour drive of my home here in coastal CT. Next week is going to be fun! Why the emphasis on colleges? See this post: To the collegiate army that will change the world — this is for you.

Robert S. Wyatt, PhD

The first book review. The highlight of the day for me was a message from perhaps the first person that has read our book in printed form — from cover to cover in one sitting. My friend and colleague, Robert S. Wyatt, PhD, wrote last night:

Jim, I decided that my top priority this afternoon was reading your book which I did. It took only a few hours, not because I am a particularly fast reader but for two other reasons.  First, I am familiar with its contents. More importantly however, it is a “great read.” You raise all the right issues but do so in a way that is readily approachable, and non-threatening, specifically to members of the medical community.

I cannot stress enough how well written the book is.  Although the topic is deadly serious, the clever wording and phrases make reading it a pleasure. I placed an order for a case yesterday with the intention of giving them out as Christmas gifts to clients, associates and family. It will not surprise me if I need to order a second case. Great job! Bob

John Paine, editor

After reading this message last night, I picked up the phone and called my good friend, “Dr. Bob,” and he shared more of his thoughts. As he talked about different aspects of the book, I immediately thought of my editor, John Paine, over in Montclair, NJ. Although John and I have never met face-to-face, this time last year we were joined at the hip as we were in the midst of the final 60 days of putting our book together.

A highly experienced editor who helped Dr. Oz with one of his first books, I must thank my agent, Marilyn, for introducing me to John. Laid up with a ruptured Achilles tendon, I leaned heavily on him as the deadline approached. All of the above is exactly why I immediately thought of John Paine as I read the words from Dr. Bob last night. Because of John, this is a much better book and I am now a better writer. Thank you John. Let’s get together for lunch next week when I will be in your neighborhood as I make my way to Princeton.

The massive Yale BookStore in New Haven, CT

Yale BookStore. After delivering a book to a newspaper writer in New Haven yesterday, I decided to visit the Yale bookstore and I’m glad that I did. What a delightful morning, a warm late-summer day, a gorgeous campus and interesting people everywhere. One of the most interesting was Harry, the trade book buyer at one of the biggest college bookstores I have ever seen. I gave him a copy of our book and invited him to our party on the 29th. He asked if I would be willing to do events at his store and told me that he just might show up at our party.

Countdown to book launch party. Just 13 from days from now, on September 29 at the Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, CT. Party begins at 5:30 — Let me know if you need an invitation.

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—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at

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