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For your friends and family with type 2 diabetes

Headlines change every day—but “confusion over clarity” remains constant. “Diabetes Linked to Memory Problems in Older Adults.” That was the headline a few days ago. As someone who has blogged about health for 502 consecutive days, I can tell you that … Continue reading

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Geneticist’s Research Finds His Own Diabetes

And turns the story into a sales pitch for high-tech medicine Many of the world’s brightest medical minds are pinning their hopes for the future on the miracles that will ensue from human genome sequencing. On 6-2-12, the New York … Continue reading

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Teenage diabetes rate triples in less than ten years.

And the so called “experts” are baffled by this turn of events. This was one of big news stories of the week when it comes to health care in the United States. From a May 21, 2012 article in the … Continue reading

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“The Weight of the Nation” HBO Special — A Preview

A grave situation for sure Last week, I blogged about a new HBO documentary that will begin airing on May 14. After mentioning in that blog that I didn’t have HBO, one of my readers (who chooses to remain anonymous) … Continue reading

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Children—Rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes are soaring.

And type 2 diabetes in kids is much tougher to treat This story has been all over the news this week—television, print and internet (See links below to articles). The first large study of type 2 diabetes in children was published online … Continue reading

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Paula Deen now shamelessly hawking $500/month drugs

For a disease that is totally reversible in 95% of the cases. Disgusting for sure, but not that surprising. Last week we learned that celebrity chef Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes and that she has found a way to … Continue reading

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The GEICO health promotion project — without the little gecko.

For the past nine years, Dr. Neal Barnard has been one of my heroes; one of a small group of medical doctors who helped me discover the truth about nutrition. Although I have never met him in person, I have … Continue reading

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