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Reversing diabetes. Mainstream medicine still not listening.

How many times must I post this same story? This is the 17th time. The folks at the American Diabetes Association still do not seem to know that type 2 diabetes can be easily reversed in 95% of the victims—with nothing … Continue reading

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Diabetes. Oklahoma rate up 227% in just fifteen years

Now at 9.8% of the population, they still trail several southern states. That compares to an overall national increase of 82% from 1995 to 2010. The rate of type 2 diabetes rose in all fifty states and Puerto Rico. (See … Continue reading

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Diabetes; made in America — or iPhone 5; made in China?

Which “product” is superior? But is diabetes a product? That is the question. SNL aired a spoof about the complaints that some Americans have about the new Chinese-made iPhone 5. (see video below) Three fictitious spokespeople from the tech industry … Continue reading

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