Here’s what some of our readers and clients are saying about this blog, 4Leaf for Life, and our book:

TCCF small logo***** From my friend, colleague, and future Nobel Prize winner, Dr. T. Colin Campbell. “Jim, I have to say, your blog entries, day after day, are as intelligent, creative, articulate, forthright and constructive as any other internet discussion I know. And I am not saying this because you generally support my views. You get into a subject quickly, say what you want to say, then move on. It’s a great read day after day. Colin” (posted under my blog, FIVE arguments in support of the typical western diet)

***** “Hicks offers a text that is a compelling read about what to eat and why, backs this up with references from world renown experts, and explains why this would create a better world.”  (Posted by Campbell Bullock on Amazon 8-25-13) Read this and other reviews on Amazon.

***** “Outstanding book that shows why a plant based diet is necessary for our health and the planet’s. Outstanding detailed information on important topics. Skip the other diet and health books, this is the real deal.” (Posted by Adam on Amazon 6-12-13) Read this and other reviews on Amazon.

***** “Hi Jim, A few years back, I read Michael Pollan’s books but things really didn’t hit home for me until I read The China Study. That was a year ago and my life has forever changed. I believe education is the key and was excited to find your audiobook at I have read every book on nutrition I can get my hands on this past year and have read all the authors you mention in your book but what you brought to the table that others didn’t is the environmental impact of an animal based diet vs a plant strong diet. The numbers you present are most startling. Thank you for being a part of my new healthy, humane, environmentally friendly life style. God bless you too.” (posted by Dmc on 5-2-13)

Click here to read other reviews or to purchase

Click here to read other reviews or to purchase

***** A book the world really needs. “My mother and I had already been eating a vegan diet (however, not always healthy and with exceptions for special occasions) but after this book, we made the very easy switch over to a whole-foods plant based diet for the betterment of our bodies, lives and the world. I found this book informative, compelling, interesting, easy to read and understand, and fairly fast to get though (which was good because I had to go back and read it again as it amazed me so much). It honestly inspired me to make a change in the world, and led me to many more resources of knowledge. I am unable to gush over this book enough. I would recommend this book to everyone. Even if it does not affect you the way it did me, you will walk away more informed about how your choices can make a difference in so many ways.” ( 5.0 out of 5 stars; posted by H. Davidson on Amazon on 4-8-13)

***** “Thank you for writing your book! I was only halfway through the book when I decided that my family’s (two little boys and an amazing husband) diet was going to drastically change. And it did, literally overnight! One day we were eating a mostly vegetarian diet that included ALOT of eggs and dairy, and the next day we were ‘vegan’, eating ALOT of raw fruits and vegetables! My boys have been troopers! It was very trying at first, I had no idea how to plan meals, but we have adapted well. It has been over a year now and we are committed to eating as healthy as possible. I have now gone back to school for nutritional science and feel great! Your book was an inspiration, thank you again!” From Jennifer (posted 4-8-13)

Z Logo Life R***** “Good Morning Jim. First, let me thank you for your persistence in helping people understand “The Big Picture.”  It certainly has affected me in a positive way.  Since beginning reading your daily blog early in its development, I have graduated from Cornell’s Plant Based Nutrition course, at your encouragement, and have begun teaching Plant Based Nutrition courses at my home on the weekends. The foundation of my teaching is “Four Leaf”, and I use your survey, much of the information from your book, as well as The China Study and the PBN course work.  The weekends are becoming quite successful and several of my graduates are now contemplating taking the course work from Cornell. Your book is the one I recommend of the many I encourage my class attendees to read because it is the one that focuses on the big picture. Though your daily readers may be falling off, I would encourage you to determine how many others like me are now spreading the word in various ways to others.  I would suggest that the numbers are probably exponential. Jim, keep up the good work as we all know you will.  I personally am grateful for your efforts.” From John Jennings, MBA, OTR/L, CPBN Edmond, OK (posted 2-25-13)

Z Logo Life R***** “4leaf Survey Score for a Better World. I took the survey for fun and got a 4leaf score. I got very interested in health about a year ago and have since read your book Healthy Eating, Healthy World. It really brought everything together for me, but I wasn’t making the changes I knew I should. It was only this lent when I said that was the end of it, I am going to once and for all learn how to be better about my health. I gave up oil, salt, sugar and refined flour. I jumped from a 1 or 2 leaf to a four and have never felt better. Your book has given me the inspiration and willpower to really try to make a difference in the world. I’m beginning to work with organizations that provide food for the impoverished and homeless, and transitioning them to plant-based meal providers. I am also in the process of organizing presentations to other various church groups on diet in faith. I don’t know where any of this will lead, but it’s only the beginning.” From Hayley, a junior in college. (posted 3-9-13)

***** “Jim, We are so very, very appreciative of your extensive, diligent work in research and writing this blog, and your book. The “Leather – Meat” issue is an interesting one, which I had not thought about. I believe you are doing a fantastic job, focusing on the health of humans, animals, and the planet on which we live. Your focus is the vital issue. The other matters, such as leather, will take care of themselves – in due time. Thank you very much for all of your work in behalf of all of us.” From Lonnie (posted 2-14-13)

***** “Jim, Many thanks for your blog, which I have read daily with great interest and often passed on.  It’s too bad that it took my husband’s 2011 bypass surgery to get us on the right nutritional track, but perhaps your outreach will prevent others from experiencing that dread outcome.  Your constant reminders and encouragement have been a godsend.  May God supernaturally bless your continued efforts on our behalf!” From Vicky (posted 2-13-13)

For Joanne's story, click this PCRM logo.

For Joanne’s story, click this PCRM logo.

***** “Jim, did you ever expect to touch and influence so many when you began? Bravo!! Someone in my recent Food for Life class said that he had just finished reading your book, and found it a fabulous summary of the medical/scientific mentors in our plant based family, AND wonderfully inspiring! One day – soon – that corporate door will open with a resounding ‘yes’. Thank you for giving of yourself with passion, zeal and commitment for the sake of health and wellness – for individuals and our precious Mother Earth.” From Joanne Irwin, Cape Cod & Naples, FL (posted 2-7-13)

***** “Thanks for the tips on how to continue to follow you on all subjects. You have written many things either here or in your book that have contributed to my moving forward in important ways. At first, I felt a small sense of panic that you would not be blogging everyday, but it’s time for you to step up to a larger audience….my blog friend, you are a leader. Your success touches us all.” From Kathy (posted 2-5-13)

***** “You are good at what you do.  I like how you are able to see a bigger picture with not just the Lance scenario—yet with others that you have been able to envision a different outcome than most. Enjoy your posts. Keep doing what you are doing – it helps keep me on target.” From Patricia (posted 1-22-13)

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth***** “Dear Jim, Your blogs are giving me an exceptional education. You grasp the “big picture” and convey all of its ramifications in such an eloquent way — for which I thank you! I believe that we share a common, noble cause — to change the world — as you so aptly put it: Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth, and the long term sustainability of the human race — Healthy Eating, Healthy WorldAt age 86, I still have big dreams, audacious earth shattering goals and great expectations.” From Marvin in Baltimore (posted 1-12-13)

***** “Hello Jim, I have been following your blogs on vegsource and Up front, I think you are an excellent writer. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your pieces, as there are a lot of authors nowadays who chunk out material for the sake of it. I recently read your article about healthcare & national security and the related David Brooks piece. It seems like so many people are just trying to stay karma neutral in fear of receiving any negative attention, rather than stand for what they know to be the truth. I am a proponent of valuable and useful content and I believe that smaller niches like yours are going to begin to see such a boom in popularity, because people will get tired of reading the un-opinionated fact-jargon that gets tossed around on the high end websites that they will be starved for real journalism.” From Adam K. (posted 1-10-13)

***** “What you’ve done with this blog site is outstanding—and a gift to us all. Your site provides an encyclopedia of information on plant based eating. Your six hundred plus topics encompass the what, why, and how of it all. So hats off to you for your passion, commitment and perseverance. And enjoy a beautiful holiday season with your family. I’ll take the liberty of speaking for many when I say, We’re grateful for you and your work.” From Joanne Irwin, PCRM instructor and a new friend from Cape Cod. (posted 12-8-12)

***** “Two years ago I was laid off a job I’d had for 20 years and my wife and I had to purchase private insurance for the two of us.  We barely get by.  The insurance company told me that if I could get off the cholesterol meds I had been taking and stay off for a year I could cut my premium by about $50/month. Shortly after hearing that I came across a copy of your book, Healthy Eating, Healthy World and it changed my life. I already knew a lot of the info you presented but only in a totally jumbled way.  You made it make sense to me and I want to thank you.  I am not 100% perfect with my diet, but I think I’m doing pretty well.  Two months after starting, I had a blood draw done and found my cholesterol count was in the “excellent” range.  I was given the OK by my doctor to discontinue the Simva-statin I was taking.  I had also trimmed off 30 pounds I was glad to be rid of.  But best of all, I feel fantastic!” From Joe in Aurora, CO (posted 10-28-12)

***** “I’m amazed at how relevant your blog has stayed after posting every day for so long. Keep it up!” From Jason in Illinois, who made an earlier comment about 18 months ago, “I’m enjoying your blog and always impressed that you can post genuinely interesting topics every day!” (posted 10-26-12)

***** “Jim, Thank you for your wonderful work, posting daily updates and encouragement for all of us. I read your daily posts, and I frequently follow the links to re-read prior posts. I wish that I could influence my family to even read your material. Proselytizing is so unrewarding. Thank you for keeping up the good work. We will keep trying,” Lonnie Wall from Seattle, Washington (posted 10-23-12)

***** From a Cape Cod-based instructor for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ( “Your blogs are incredibly impressive. Armed with scientific data and the latest research, you are giving readers the tools they need to create their personal inner terrain of health and wellness, as well as spelling out for the wider community the path to wholeness, health and vitality. Thank you! Joanne” (posted 10-10-12)

Click here to read other reviews or to purchase the book.

Click here to read other reviews or to purchase.

***** Another “5-star” Amazon review. “This was an excellent book that demonstrates that you are what you eat. It also discusses how our eating habits affect the world as a whole. Factual evidence and not opinion is given….Those choosing to eat healthy with plant based food will be an example to their family and friends. It is a big responsibility to remain faithful so others will follow. Loved this book. It is right on point. Bought copies for close family and friends.” Royanne. (posted on 8-15-12)

***** An anonymous Amazon book review from someone in Sacramento, CA. “One of the best books I have ever read. I have a degree in Nutrition, plus several related certificates, and years of professional experience in the field of dietetics and nutrition counseling. This book is right on. It is very educational, as well as a pleasurable read. I found it hard to put down. Highly recommended…I give it 10 out of 10, or 5 stars. (posted on 6-5-12)

***** From a reader of our book in New Zealand. “Thank you so much for your book – it was the catalyst that got me going – the audio book did the trick, although I have had Dr. Esselstyn’s book for over a year. It amazed me that my die-hard meat eating son (in high school) heard some of it & decided to make the switch to plant based too & is committed to sticking with it. He heard the section leading up to your statement about teaching our kids to eat healthy is the best gift we can give them & that did the trick. Now, I am a real advocate & look forward to the Forks over Knives recipe book. We’re a family of six with four school-age kids living off the Engine 2 diet at the moment. We have previously enjoyed cheesy home-made pizza, milk & meat – so your book has been a very timely message for us all. I’ve been plant-based for 6 weeks as a result of your book & noticed many of the benefits – including great sleep, thinking clearly, energy & strength to name  a few. I really get the self-empowerment message too – that’s the message I try to spread. I congratulate you on both having had a successful career & finding something so valuable to do in your life to make so many people’s lives so much better. I can only imagine how rewarding it must be—with plenty of challenge to go with it. Unfortunately, there’s a very well entrenched system that I suspect hasn’t even begun to fight back yet.” (Posted by Karl Szalardi on 6-5-12)

***** A brief, independent book review posted on Amazon. “This is a great book for the one who is interested in a healthy lifestyle. The book is based on scientific facts and not sentiments. The author gives a wide embrace of the problem of our unhealthy eating from the point of view of both the individual and the global environment.” (posted by Verena on Amazon, 5-3-12)

Z Logo Life R***** “Your constant message about “eating foods in natures natural package”  has made a big difference in my vegan lifestyle.  Reading your book and understanding your message changed my habits on what I am eating.  I rarely buy a “vegan” processed food and now try to find unique ways to incorporate natural foods.  Recently I purchased a fresh head of cauliflower and wondered how I would use it.  I found a wonderful and tasty recipe for a roasted cauliflower and potato soup on (  Thanks to your message on eating plant foods in “natures package” I’m just getting better at making good choices for me and our planet.” From Les, who scored high in the 4Leaf range on our survey. (posted 4-23-12)

***** “Jim, Thanks for accepting my friend request on FaceBook. I heard you speak at the Mystic Rotary lunch a month ago and bought your book. Since then I have become your local publicist! Many of my friends have bought your book and in fact are totally changing the conversation on food! Thanks so much! Regards, Kim (posted 4-17-12)

***** From a blog reader in Russia. “Hello, Mr. Morris! My name is Venera, I am from Russia. I really like your blogs, I follow them regularly. I really want to buy your book, but I have a problem – I don’t want to wait for too long to have it delivered to my country from the US. I tried to get the Kindle version, but I don’t have the Kindle device and the Kindle app is not compatible with my Mac. I was wondering if I could pay you for the book via my Paypal account and you could send me the book in electronic format? I would like to read your book so much! I want to start to live a completely healthy way of life and your recommendations seems to be more practical than the ones I’ve heard before. Looking forward to your reply, Venera.” (posted 3-31-12)

Z Logo Life R***** A progress report from someone who read our book just two months ago. “Mr. Hicks, It is with pleasure that I fill out the surveys again. We are now solid 3Leaf-ers and very proud! My husband, at first, was just a hostage to my cooking, but he has come around. He now orders only veggies even when we go out to dinner. I am totally committed. We do still add milk to our coffee. It amounts to approx 4 TBS/day of 1%.  We have switched to Almond Milk instead of dairy with meals. Our blood tests came back yesterday….my total cholesterol dropped 51 points from 202 to 151.  Dave’s dropped from 182 to 159. Since we read your book, our goal has been to eat better for ourselves and our planet.  I think we are achieving this….even though I see spots that can certainly be improved upon.  One is milk with coffee. Thanks for the improved survey, it makes much more sense to me and enables me to see the “holes” that I need to fill. Best, Darcy.” (posted 3-27-12)

***** “First of all thank you for posting all of this wonderful, eye opening information. My wife and I are now fully set on a plant based diet thanks to your efforts and the recipes are very helpful and great tasting.” From Ben, a mathematician, who is looking forward to our 4Leaf app for smartphones at some point in the future.

***** “I just want to thank you for all the information and insights you provide in your blog. I’ve been following for the past few weeks and am really enjoying it (although this is the first time I’ve left a comment). Not sure how I stumbled upon it – but I love it…Your blog has helped me to realize the environmental reasons why a plant-based diet is so important. And lately, I’m starting to think about the impact on animals. So your post about pork was perfect timing. Like you say, sometimes we need repetition to “un-learn” everything we thought we knew, or were manipulated into believing from our society.I especially appreciate the clarity with which you write and explain. I am thinking about purchasing your book. Thank you again. You really give the reader a sense of urgency. I wish I knew how I could help more people to hear your message, and to understand why a plant-based diet is best for humankind and our planet. (I will start sharing your blog on Facebook. At least that’s a little something I can do.) Regards, Angela” (posted 2-15-12)

***** Responding to my post about parenting. “Totally agree with you Jim. My husband and I have a wonderful 4 1/2 year old son and I am so thankful that I found both P.E.T and a whole food, plant-based vegan lifestyle. I enjoy your blog and recommend it to my students. Thanks for all the life-changing and life-saving work you do!” Emily Barth Webber
, Certified in Plant Based Nutrition, Cornell University, 
Food for Life Nutrition & Cooking Instructor
, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and the Cancer Project. (posted 2-7-12)

***** ” Dear Mr. Hicks, Let me first thank you for offering with clarity and importance your knowledge of following a whole foods, plant-based diet.  My wife and I (both in our early 40s) are well on our way in that direction, and we could not have even begun to sort through this change in lifestyle had it not been for you.  We recommend your book to anyone who will listen, and we will continue to do so.” From Brian. (posted 2-1-12)

***** “Hi Jim, I am teaching away here with the T. C. Campbell Foundation and frequently refer folks with links to your great wisdom. You are a breath of fresh air! I love what you are doing. My husband and I recently relocated from St. Louis to Chicago. You are making a difference! Anne” From one of the Cornell Plant-Based Nutrition instructors. (posted 1-5-12)

Z Logo Life R***** First comment of 2012. “Jim, Thanks for the “Oatmeal” recipe. I have made a new year’s resolution to follow the plan and Marguerite has agreed to help with cooking healthy 4leaf meals and giving space in the fridge. The recipes have helped and I have started a binder with copies of recipes you have sent. BTW, I have now referred your book for purchase to 50 clients so far. I hope your book reaches the best seller list this year! Cheers, Dan.” (posted 1-2-12).

***** From a 30-year veteran podiatrist who has seen the frequency of gout explode in his practice. In response to my question about what percent of his many gout patients choose to easily “cure” themselves with a whole foods, plant-based diet, he writes: “Jim, I enjoy your site. I look at two things each morning to start my day, Greger’s and your site. Both are outstanding. How many of my patients listen to dietary advice?  Not many. But I take the position that medicine is negligent in not providing the best information for the health of the patient. If the patient chooses not to follow the best medical advice,  the burden and resulting disease will be their responsibility. I hear far too often about physicians not wanting to take the time or not having time to counsel patients. What a sad state of affairs. Why don’t physicians address nutrition? Three reasons: 1. Lack of confidence.  2. Lack of education.  3. Not enough time.  I admire those who are making the effort to be health heroes.  Thank you. Craig. PS: Every once in awhile I see some dramatic results that make all the efforts worthwhile.” (posted 12-29-11)

Z Logo Life R***** “This morning my husband came up from his office and said, So, do you think we can do J. Morris Hicks’s 4Leaf thing? I said yes we can, since we’re vegan-ish for a year and a half now, anyway. And THEN I knew he’d really been paying attention to your blog that I sometimes forward to him — when he said, Just because we’re vegan-ish doesn’t mean we’re 4Leaf-ers. So off we go on a new year and a finer-tuned way of eating. (Wait til I remind him he needs to back off on his oil consumption!) Thanks.” From Jane, a teacher. (posted 12-21-11)

Z Logo Life R***** “Hi,  recently read one of your e-mail posts which said you donated six of your books to the local library.  I felt so strongly about how you put together the info and the plan set forward for the 4Leaf Program that I ordered more copies for gifts and gave a copy to our local library.  They said they would catalogue the book and, as with all new books, it will be put out front.  Maybe you could challenge all of your readers to donate a copy to their local library. Anne” (posted on 12-13-11)

***** Regarding our book. “I LOVE it!! Your references are amazing and I like the way you cover every base….from health to environment to industry and then to discussing your own daily diet. I especially enjoyed hearing about the athletes who follow this diet since I’m constantly pressured by trainers at my gym to eat more PROTEIN. I finally figured out how to just smile and go on my way.” From Linda in Lexington, KY (posted 11-23-11).

***** “One of your best blogs! I could not agree more that all parents need to help educate themselves and their children on the benefits of a whole foods lifestyle. I try to relay to my children the importance of making smart, educated decisions on what and how we eat — but they just will not listen. We really need a wake up call to change the tide! Keep up your wonderful commentaries!” Posted by my friend Les Sukenik in Ohio after reading my blog Protecting our children. And not just from predators on 11-14-11.

***** “Your posts are the first thing I read every morning. I love them and Give me thirty minutes…and I’ll give you thirty years is so far one of my favorites – thank you!” Posted by Lisa Cannon after reading my “big picture” blog on 11-4-11.

Z Logo Life R***** “Hi Jim~Thank you, once again, for that gorgeous post. I love how you delineated the show (especially because I can’t find it on their site and they wouldn’t give me a DVD). I have shared it and will continue to do so. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am also really enjoying your book. So happy to know you! Keep me posted on the 4-Leaf Challenge. How exciting! Warmly, Julieanna” From the “Plant-Based Dietitian” herself after seeing my blog about her appearance on the Dr. Oz Show. (posted 10-30-11)

***** “At my gym this week, I visited with four women, all of whom are obese AND have diabetes. After my mini-lecture on the benefits of a plant based diet and the cure for diabetes, they looked at me and said that they were sure I was wrong because their doctor told them that diet has nothing to do with diabetes. Mr Hicks, the road to health is long, treacherous, and convoluted because ignorance is the guiding light.” From Sal in New York after reading my post about the “ladies in the zoo” on the Dr. Oz Show. (posted 10-30-11)

***** “Thank you for your post. I am one of the physicians quoted in the Consumer Reports Article (about heart disease screening) and while the scope of the article was not meant to address the plant based diet and reversal of heart disease, it is an important point and I am happy you discussed it here. Thank you.” From Kimberly Lovett, M.D., a physician at Kaiser Permanente and a member of the San Diego Center for Patient Safety at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.

***** “Well, now I had to go order your book even though it is preaching to the choir for myself. I have a recipient in mind. Best wishes for success with it – I think it may become a great weapon of mass instruction!” From Donna H., commenting on my New London Day blog about our book. (posted 10-15-11)

TCCF small logo***** “Jim, your excellent writing skills AND your sincere and scientifically grounded interest in health is so welcome!” From my hero, T. Colin Campbell of Cornell after reading my CONFUSION. Too many diets, too little clarity blog (posted 10-10-11)

***** “FABULOUS. Jim, I finished reading “THE” book on the flight home yesterday.  It is truly outstanding, compelling, exceptionally written, insightful, informative, and….I believe….destined to become a best-seller.  I’m ordering another case—my third—and may need even more.  I must say, though, that the entire section on the factory farming was difficult to read—-I literally had to rest my head in my hand as I was reading some of those sections.  EVERYONE needs to read this and be forced to learn about the stark reality of what’s taking place.” From Susan in St. Louis (posted 10-4-11)

***** “No one in my circle of family or friends, no matter how well intentioned, has EVER been as directly and simply spoken regarding these important issues — in my 40 plus years on the planet. This is where it stops, I promise you my children will be healthy and informed. Thank you, AAMK.” After reading my blog entitled Reading material in the bathroom; a red flag. (Posted 10-4-11)

***** “Dear Jim, After ordering and enjoying my copy of your book, I immediately ordered 5 more to have on hand for gifts.  Also intend to order a case for Christmas gifts!  It is WONDERFUL!!!!!!” From Martha in Naples, FL (posted 9-27-11)

***** “Thank you so much for this site.  I am certified by Colin Campbell Foundation and really really appreciate all the movement toward a more whole foods plant based approach to living.  I am a podiatrist.  I just had a patient in my office with heart disease.  She has been given an increasing dosage of diuretics for pitting ankle edema.  She has shortness of breath.  You would think they would like to see her.  Not today.  Furthermore, not one physician has addressed the concept of turning off the fawcett rather than mopping the floor.  Thanks for the information in this site. Craig” (posted 9-15-11)

***** “You have taken on a monumental – and very necessary – task to bring whole plant based eating to the mainstream.  I wish you all the best.  In order to keep my direction, I enjoy immersing myself in the writings and videos of McDougall, Lisle, Esselstyn, Campbell, and others – now including you.  When we have embarked on a journey that only a tiny minority have chosen so far, it is encouraging to hear and read of others on the same path and mission.” From Dane in Oregon, a long-time vegetarian. (Posted 9-4-11)

TCCF small logo***** “Jim, Your writing is a breath of fresh air. Colin.” From Dr. T. Colin Campbell after reading my “confusion over clarity” post on the Dr. Oz article in TIME. (posted 9-4-11)

***** “Having just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and being about 70 pounds overweight, I have made a commitment to take charge of my health. We were just talking about how confusing all of this dietary change process can be at first, but after reading this blog tonight;I have more insight,and feel confident that within a couple of weeks I will be within the 80-20 range — and feeling a whole lot better. I appreciate your blog and look forward to reading your book. Thank you for enligtening me on a healthier way to eat, and live.” from Monica, a school-teacher in Worcester, MA (posted on 9-2-11)

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth***** “Anticipating your book. I will say that your website has made an impact on me.  It’s much more impressive than McDougall or Fuhrman. Your logo is a work of art. I hope you become a force in the plant food movement. Your website is overwhelming. You are a powerful writer. Your book can be a force in the plant food crusade. And you, jmorrishicks, can become the new Guru.” From Sal in New York City. (posted 8-31-11)

***** “Suzi and I have been on the 4-Leaf  or “80/20 lifestyle” for three months now and can’t believe how wonderful our systems feel.  Everything just works  better.  We basically stopped adding milk to our coffee and actually stopped drinking latte’s as they have so much milk.  We were using Almond milk in our coffee up until just this week as the coffee just doesn’t taste the same with it.  The small dose of milk in our coffee may be part of the 20%.  But, basically no meat for three months.  Maybe a little chicken in a salad but that’s about it.  We have had some cheese but not much;  It’s the wine that takes us over the 80/20 edge.  For dinner, Suzi found a wonderful rattatoue recipe.  Bad spelling but it’s all vegetables with mostly eggplant.  Wonderful.  Other nights, it’s beans and rice, cold vegetables with hummus, greens and white beans, some pasta occasionally. I don’t even miss a good steak but may have to try one one day to see if it really was that good.  We do eat salmon once a week and throw in some french fries for the good ole days….We cannot thank you enough for introducing us to this lifestyle.  We’ve both read The China Study, Suzi in more detail than me but what a story.  We did see the special on CNN last night and it sure validated your comments. We may be hooked. We’ll follow your book launch. Our very best wishes for much success with it.” From friends Hunter and Suzi in Naples, FL. (posted 8-29-11)

TCCF small logo***** Dear Jim, “Your theme in this blog is so, so on point! Good comments! By the way, I have, of course, only the loose leaf binder of your book and am eagerly awaiting a signed copy of the real deal. Continue going all the way! Best, Colin.” From my most esteemed colleague and friend, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, author of The China Study and Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University. (posted 8-21-11)

Z Logo Life R***** “I have just begun reading your site the past few days. I cannot agree with you more on everything I’ve read so far. I have blogged the same type of info to my family and friends for years, and it mainly falls on deaf ears. You mentioned that possibly a grass roots group could help promote the change we need to see. Why don’t you/we start one? Get people to sign their names to a list, agreeing to a basic nutritional standard- plants/your 4 Leaf idea. I know there are LOTS of people who would participate. Let’s get going! Time is a wasting, and so is the environment and the health of the general population. Thanks for your wonderful work, Greg.” From a reader in Minnesota (posted on 8-10-11)

***** “Your blogs have been developing a crescendo of intensity, like a relentless drum beat.  The message will reach those that are ready to hear it, whether they be idealistic youth or aging baby boomers…The family home is the place where attitudes to food are learned.   My son has learned from me and he is now the chief cook in his household, but the problem is that my message has now completely changed, so I have got to get the new one across without being labeled as a batty old granny!  This problem preoccupies me all the time.” From Frances, a reader on the Isle of Wight in the UK. (posted on 8-7-11)

Z Logo Life R***** “Recently, I was watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and there was a doctor on there talking about the new 4-Leaf Program. Upon closer examination, I decided to change my life style and be more conscious of what I put into my body. I was looking for more articles and recipes and I found your blog. Thank you for all the information!” from Erica, a blog subscriber in Arkansas. (posted on 7-28-11)

***** “I’m a long time follower of McDougall and Fuhrman and visit their websites everyday. I must say that your website is far superior to either one of them. Your logo is brilliant. Although the message is the same, yours is more provocative. Anticipating your book. Sal from New York. PS: I hope you are here to stay — you are the new voice for a plant food life style…Good Luck…eat more Broccoli.” (posted on 7-10-11)

***** “I am living proof that a whole plant-based diet works. On June 22, I had been a vegetarian for several months. But that didn’t help me get my blood pressure down.  My BP was 210/120. My doctor wanted to put me on meds again, but I wanted to try out a whole plant-based diet first. My doctor gave me three months to try it out. Today, July 9, less than three weeks later — my blood pressure has dropped to 137/85 without any medication. I am definitely going to stick with it. I am very grateful to you and to all the great people you mention in your blog.” From Marleen in the Netherlands on 7-9-11, commenting on Credibility, Legitimacy and Authenticity.

***** “Inspired by the Clinton interview, I have gone from a low glycemic way of eating to a whole foods, plant-based diet with no oil.  My motivation is that I do not want to have a stroke like my father and so many of my parents’ generation. Along the way I have discovered that this simple, delicious approach to food is the holy grail for weight maintenance. I follow your blog because it helps reinforce my conviction that I am on the right track. I do wish you success, but you have got a very big mountain to climb; there are so many authoritative but contradictory voices.” From Frances on the Isle of Wight in the UK.

***** Commenting on my Cancer, cell phones, cow’s milk, and Cornell post; one of the instructors of the Plant-Based Nutrition course at eCornell; “Hello Jim. Great article. I have not read such a clear summary of the progression of Dr. Campbell’s teaching from Cornell to eCornell. Nicely done. And, thank you for promoting the courses in this way.” from Lewis in Ithaca, NY.

Z Logo Life R***** “I have been on the 4-Leaf Program for 12 weeks and I have lost 36 pounds. My cancer doctor called yesterday to discuss a recent blood test. He said my cancer markers he was measuing had dropped 30%. I told him about the diet and he thought it was good idea.” From a college buddy in Houston, TX.

***** “In my experience with weight loss (and I’ve had plenty), whatever you do to lose weight, you will only keep it off if you keep doing it. There is no “lose the weight and then go back to doing something else.” So a diet needs to be long-term sustainable, because you’ll be doing it forever. The “4-Leaf Program” can and will be forever.” — from Karen regarding the blog against having “weight-loss” targets.

Z Logo Life R***** “I can’t thank Brian enough for introducing me to your program!!  I have not eaten meat in 29 years, but I did eat eggs, cheese and seafood.  I feel SO much more energetic eating vegetables than I ever have before.  Losing weight is just a much needed bonus!! Thank you, Kristy.” — from a new subscriber in North Carolina after being referred by her brother (a happy 4-Leaf client) in Massachusetts.

***** “Yet another excellent article in the ongoing series by Mr Hicks. He is telling us the truth of these matters very clearly, and doing it in a way that is both interesting  and compelling. No doubt people are being helped to change their lives for the better.” Comment on my (5-7-11 post) from a recent blog subscriber in Arizona.

Z Logo Life R***** “I am enjoying reading your blogs and the information you provide.  I was happy to see Denise W. commented on your site.  She is a soccer and track mom that I see every week and I introduced her to your site.  It is great she has made you part of her morning.  We have had discussions about diet.  You are changing the world one person at a time.  I continue to introduce your site to those that are open to a new way of thinking. I am stable at 172 and will send a picture as requested when I hit 170.(down almost 40 pounds in five months) — from Brian, a 4-Leaf client near Boston.

***** “Just want to thank you. I am just beginning my journey of the celebration of plant based eating. Unlearning the academia on the foods “to” eat of this western world is like a lifting of a veil over my eyes. I am seeing the ways of the world in a different light as to how everything is intertwined. Along with the eye opening education I am obtaining through great books, great blogs and new networking — I have never FELT SO GOOD! WOW! Again, thanks for the blogs…it is a daily boost to who I am.” — from a recent blog subscriber after reading our new Protein page on its first day.

***** “I’ve been reading your blogs for some time, just didn’t subscribe until now.  They’re good stuff.  Insightful, clear, true. Previously, I forwarded a couple of your emails around the family, and received some positive comments. Some of my folks eat fairly well, or did in the past, but have slipped in varying degrees, as I have. But now, with the help of your blogs and book, I hope we’ll all get on a better track. Thanks and best wishes, Stan.” —from a good friend in Arizona that I have known for almost 50 years.

Z Logo Life R***** “Good article on Dr Spock. Good item to reference, because it is so popular.Need to have people toss their old copies and get a new one latest revision. Just keep repeating the message. I am still doing fine on the “4-Leaf” diet. I don’t get hungry and slowly getting my weight off without really thinking about it. Nothing else has worked, except short periods of time on the weight watcher diet. By the way, the latest weight watcher encourages eating lots of fruit and vegetables (Zero points) and very little meat. They are starting to get it. Do Good and keep informing the Public, Your Friend, Carl” — from a college buddy in Texas who has dropped 20 pounds since beginning the 4-Leaf Program six weeks ago.

***** “Thanks for the update, Jim.  I follow your blog daily, and really enjoy the clear, concise writing style, not to mention, the excellent material covered. The more people hear the message, hopefully, the more they will take it to heart — and put into practice. As I said in a comment to one of your recent postings, having your blog as an additional resource to pass on to the inquisitive, the novices and the uninitiated is great. Not everyone is ready for The China Study.  Telling the story in a simple manner, providing direction and instruction will do much to help open eyes.” — from a reader in Florida

***** “I’m enjoying your blog and always impressed that you can post genuinely interesting topics every day!” — from regular reader of my daily blog

***** “I want to thank you for the terrific influence you have had on Scott and on me! Scott is now starting each day with “Sailors Daily Oatmeal” — and enjoying it! And we are trying to keep effecting positive changes in our habit.” — from a local friend in Stonington, CT.

Z Logo Life R***** “Just a short note to comment on your blog articles and corresponding back up information supporting your blogs. I am blown away by how much better I am feeling because of simply eating a more healthy diet. No I am not at a 4 leaf level yet — which makes me excited to see how I will feel when I do get to that level. Since signing up for your blog at the very beginning, I have been sending family, friends, and relatives to your site to learn more about how to reverse and or stop the many health issues the world faces. Yet the pharmaceutical companies are trying to cure with drugs when all they are doing is addressing a symptom with no long term cure for the cause. Sometimes when something is so simple, we as humans look for the complicated answer when all we have to do is start a healthy diet on a daily basis to fix the root causes of all the diseases we face today. Keep up the awesome education of all of us. From the Ocean Friendly Community of Westerly, Rhode Island.” — from a local friend and one of my very first subscribers to this blog.

**** “What a great cover for your book. I absolutely love it. Creative, powerful, love it. I also want to thank you. Brian is wearing his new jeans today. A size down. I am so proud of him. Brian is my best friend. And you made possible one of his biggest dreams. He looks and feels great at his newfound weight of 175. You have been nothing short of amazing inspiration. You are not just a personal trainer but an amazing friend. You are fantastic at what you do. Thank you again for all of your support — past, present and future. You and Brian make a wonderful team and to see the happiness in his face to reach an amazing goal is nothing short of making me want to cry with happiness and joy. Thank you Jason. I can’t say thank you enough. Love from one of your biggest fans, Danielle” — from the spouse of a client in Boston

Z Logo Life R**** “I’ve been reading your newsletter for a month or so now, and look forward to reading your book when it comes out.  Your ‘big picture’ is right on target.  I’ve forwarded it to many friends and family to at the very least get them to question their food choices.  For the past 2 years I’ve been following my own version of “plant based”, but I do enjoy your simple 4-Leaf program.  I believe it is true that if something is not simple to understand and simple to follow, the majority of people will not do it.” — from a reader in Delaware

***** “I have had 4-leaf days, everyday since you were here. I need to check a few things to make sure the fat calories are what I think they are. I read the blog everyday – I have lost 13 lbs. in last 3 weeks. I am feeling better all the time — no issues that my doctors were worried about.” — from a good friend in Houston, Texas

Z Logo Life R***** “Thanksgiving of 2010, while visiting my family for the holiday, I decided enough was enough. At that moment, I had to do something to change the direction I seemed to be going over the course of the past couple of years. I had topped the scale at my heaviest weight in 10 years, my cholesterol was high, I was tired all the time, and had absolutely no energy. Fortunately, I joined a local gym and J. Stanfield (Jason) Hicks, my personal trainer, introduced me to the 4-Leaf Program. To put it simply, it has changed my life and continues to be the eating portion of my permanent healthy lifestyle. To date, I have lost 33 pounds (lowest weight since I was 15 years old) and my cholesterol is back in the “normal” range though I would like to achieve the heart healthy level of less than 150. For those of you committed to getting healthy, look NO further.” — from one of my son’s4-Leaf clients in the Boston area.

**** “Have been following your daily posts for awhile…thought I should offer my kudos for telling this important story so well.
While it’s preaching to the choir, as far as I’m concerned, I have found your messages to be a great resource to send to friends and family.
 Hearing the message from a different voice, often makes a difference.
Thanks for your consistent encouragement.” — from a reader in Florida.

**** “Your blog is terrific!  I look forward to having it in my life.” — from a neighbor and a recent subscriber to my blog.

**** ” One of the first things I noticed about your blog was that you have a professional background and an impressive career in business, which is something I am also striving for. Almost all businesspeople I encounter eat the rich American diet that you speak of, so it was refreshing to find your blog. I will continue spreading the word, as you write about every reason I have chosen to move towards more whole plant foods. I usually find myself debating with friends and colleagues over why we shouldn’t eat animals, and your blog will be a great place to send them for quality information. — from a young man in Illinois and a recent subscriber.

**** “Just thought I’d drop you a quick note, just so you know there are people out there that are reading your work and support you all the way.” — from a blog subscriber in Delaware.


—J. Morris Hicks, board member, T. Colin Campbell Foundation

11 Responses to Comments

  1. Irma Wiegel says:

    I enjoy your blog and am working my way back through ones I have missed. Forks over Knives has changed my life. I eat about 90-95 percent plant based foods and feel better than ever. Also liked The China Study book and have some Dr McDougall books, Rip’s book, his dad’s and a few others. Keep up the great work of promoting plant based foods!! Wisconsin fan.

  2. John Heyniger says:

    Started last week in FL. a plant diet.

  3. I just watched most of the Dr Oz segment from the link in your blog post.
    Horrifying! Countless inaccuracies from Dr Oz and from both of these “doctors!” I never heard them actually state what “normal” cholesterol is. “Normal” in the US is under 200, so their statement that half the people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol is accurate. Dr Esselstyn proved that cholesterol under 150 is heart attack proof… but this isn’t mentioned.

    Yes, our bodies DO need cholesterol for healthy function, but what they DON’T state is that our bodies manufacture all the cholesterol we need, and that we don’t need to ingest ANY from animal/food sources. This type of presentation is criminal. They’ve taken a tiny amount of fact and twisted into an Adkins-like permission slip to eat all the terribly unhealthy foods. It seems to me that these doctors represent all the physicians who are scared of the plant-based nutrition success, and are trying to push their money-making agenda of “eat whatever you want” to appease the masses. Dr Oz just lost all credibility in my eyes. That he could have doctors Campbell and Esselstyn on his show and then have these two clowns, is unethical.

    Most disappointing.

    Beth Perera
    Food For Life Cooking instructor

  4. Frank says:

    Jim, just read your interesting post about the lowering US meat consumption. As we approach national election time I am wondering who is a candidate that would support lowering subsidies on meat production AND increase subsidies for vegetable production. Is there such a candidate out there?

  5. Inga Tatikian says:

    Hello Jim, I have been a 90% vegan for a long time but do not want to skip my morning coffee- and to make it taste good I add some 1/2 and 1/2, dairy I don’t want but can’t find anything halfway decent to replace it. Of course, I should stop drinking coffee.-I like your daily messages, good reinforcement, better than a monthly newsletter. Inga

  6. Craig Holman says:

    I enjoyed your book. I too will order more. It is a great complilation of many thoughts of the best of lifestyle medicine. I also appreciated the additional focus on the more comprehensive approach to the health of mother earth. Thanks for the good book and website.

  7. Susannah says:

    Hi, I am so confused about the oil issue. The movie “Forks over Knives” says that ALL oils are fat and are bad for you. I can’t seem to find any info on line supporting this. Do you know anything regarding this. I always thought olive oil was so good for you?
    Thanks, Susannah

  8. edith platt says:

    The June 10th issue of AARP Bulletin – “Before & After Weight-loss Surgery”
    It’s full of blog-quotable information.
    Keep up the great blooging. I read it every day.
    Cheers, Edith

    • jmorrishicks says:

      Thank you Edith. Even though the cashews do have a lot of fat, they are whole plants, still in nature’s package. But the tofu, as a substitute for the cheese is not a whole plant and it is also heavy in fat. The calories from whole plants in nature’s package for this meal would account for less than 40% of the meal, making it at best a 2-Leaf meal. But the good news is that it contains no dairy or other disease promoting animal protein. It also tastes great and sends the message to people that it doesn’t have to be painful to leave off the meat and dairy. Best, J. Morris Hicks

  9. edith platt says:

    Have you seen the cover of the June 6 issue of The New Yorker – I think there may be a blog article there. Mainstream just doesn’t “get it” – it’s not carbs that aren’t on the menu, it’s fat.

    Cheers, Edith

  10. Dan Liese says:

    Just a short note to comment on your blog articles and corresponding back up information supporting your blogs. I am blown away by how much better I am feeling because of simply eating a more healthy diet. No I am not at a “4-leaf” level yet — which makes me excited to see how I will feel when I do get to that level. Since signing up for your blog at the very beginning I have been sending family, friends, and relatives to your blog to learn more about how to reverse and or stop the many health issues the world faces. Yet, the pharmaceutical companies are trying to cure with drugs when all they are doing is addressing a symptom with no long term cure for the cause. Sometimes when something is so simple, we as humans look for the complicated answer when all we have to do is start a healthy diet on a daily basis to fix the root causes of all the diseases we face today. Keep up the awesome education of all of us. From the Ocean Friendly Community of Westerly, RI, Your friend and Realtor Dan Liese 401-742-3216 cell

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