Big Picture

John Robbins, one of my greatest heroes since 2003; the author of Diet for a New America and many other eye-opening books

The “Big Picture” begins with Harmony

Since I began reading about all of the global issues that are driven by our rich Western diet, my favorite word has been harmony. Before reading a few John Robbins’ books in 2003, I had never realized the importance of living in harmony with our planet. I had also never realized that we humans are the only species (out of millions) that has drifted away from living in harmony with Nature. Where everything in our universe is connected, we’re the piece that doesn’t quite fit with the rest.

When it finally dawned on me in 2003 about how “everything is connected,” I suddenly had my blinding flash of the obvious: “Oh my God, we’re eating the wrong food.”  Then a few years later in 2006, I saw the Al Gore movie (An Inconvenient Truth) about global warming and was disgusted that he didn’t mention the #1 cause (according to the U. N. Report that same year).

Shortly after seeing that movie, I decided to start assembling what I had learned on a website that I would build and manage. I chose the words Harmony Earth for that website—two words that convey the continuous need for everything to be in harmony on our planet. So, in effect, that Harmony Earth website was the first chapter of my Harmony Project—an ongoing effort to promote health, hope and harmony on planet Earth.

The next phase of the project was this website,, which was launched on February 9, 2011. Why did I name it hpjmh? I wanted it to be as short as possible and I wanted it to mean something. So there it is: H.P.J.M.H. which stands for:

Harmony Project J. Morris Hicks

There are currently four other pages under this “Big Picture” page:

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J. Morris Hicks, working daily to promote health, hope and harmony on planet Earth.

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—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at

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3 Responses to Big Picture

  1. Craig Holman says:

    Outstanding. This is a great summary of this area. I talk with people in my office daily about nutrition. They always seem so puzzled about why this is not common knowledge. I will use this with my patients and my family. Thanks.

  2. djkorley says:

    “Give me thirty minutes…and I’ll give you thirty years…” great line. Thank you for your clarity on this subject.

  3. Kit Slitor says:

    I make my living as a videographer. The term “big picture” is very meaningful to me. Essentially, there is a whole universe out there. As for framing points of view, or shots, of a given subject, the motion picture maker can show a close-up, a medium shot and a wide shot. The latter is the overall picture, showing all the elements of a subject. As one gets fancier, one can shoot a variety of little shots or close-ups and juxtapose scenes giving a contrast of points of view. Whether it is visual, or philosophical, we always must strive for the BIG picture or the OVERALL picture and to know the context of where and how a close-up view corresponds to the big picture.

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