“Big Picture” List of Blogs

What do I mean when I say “big picture” as it relates to food? I mean all of the many things that are impacted by what humankind chooses to eat. In 2003, after studying the relationship between diet and health for six months, I had a blinding flash of the obvious one weekend after reading two great books about the environment.

Suddenly, I realized, “Oh my God, we’re eating the wrong food.” Here are a list of eleven blogposts that I posted on 11-11-11 for helping people understand that “big picture” that I finally saw in the spring of 2003. As you can see, the list has now grown to twenty blogs.

My top twenty list — for helping you grasp the “big picture”

  1. What nature intended for us to eat. “The Natural Diet” for our species
  2. Still not convinced? Preponderance of evidence for “mostly plants”
  3. Healthy Diet. 4Leaf Program Introductory Page
  4. Protein. Clarifying the ubiquitous “protein myth”
  5. Seafood? FISH…the “natural” diet for humans? A “big picture” view
  6. Weight? Effortless weight-loss — on the “4Leaf” road to vibrant health
  7. Reverse disease? Got Type 2 Diabetes? “Get rid of it,” says Dr. Ornish
  8. What about cancer? Early Detection; then slash, burn and poison…
  9. What about dairy? No cow’s milk for humans at any age…even Dr. Spock agrees
  10. Is it more expensive? The Dollars and “Sense” of Plant-Based Eating
  11. Our “system.” Do insurance companies “really” want us to be healthy?
  12. Screening for disease. Cancer screening? Saving Lives or Making Money?
  13. Animals. COMPLICITY — Billions of animals suffering in factory farms
  14. Water. It’s all about the WATER…huge problem – simple solution
  15. Environment. “Running roughshod” over our planet at the 7 billion mark.
  16. The Children. NOTHING is more important than what they eat!
  17. Vegan or Vegetarian? Why move away from the terms vegan & vegetarian?
  18. Big Picture. Blinding flash of the obvious; my 20-minute speech outline
  19. What about “risk factors?” Focus on “risk factors”— is missing the whole point!
  20. Still not convinced? Check this out: A helluva rant for plant-based eating

Five categories of reasons for plant-based. Our book focused on the “big picture” of what we eat and the staggering impact that it has on so many global issues—beginning with our own health and the corresponding cost of health care. The other four categories include: environment, energy, world hunger and suffering of animals. For a summary of blogs on each of those categories, visit the “Topics” tab above. Just hover over that tab and select your category of interest.

For my own “Big Picture” summary of how we got into mess that we now find ourselves, take a look at an article that I wrote in 2007:

Give me thirty minutes and I’ll give you thirty years.

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