Suffering of Animals — Remember Michael Vick?

Chickens in paradise

Over 99 percent of our chickens and eggs come from factory farms like this. People talk about “free range” but it’s almost non-existent.

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One Response to Chickens in paradise

  1. Daniel says:

    There is a sad truth to this. What people imagine when they hear the words “free range” are chickens like you see on Until I started raising my own chickens I used to periodically buy Rosie organic chickens from Petaluma Poultry. But after delving into their website and seeing that their chickens only have 2 square feet each and are housed in large, houses and have no access to pasture, I stopped. Raising chickens and seeing them roam through pasture, garden, and woodland and letting them hatch and raise their own chicks, I’ve come to realize that there is practically zero chicken for sale in supermarkets which has anything resembling an acceptable life. It’s not commercially feasible to raise chickens in a way they want to live. Chickens would need to cost $50 a piece and eggs would need to sell for $6 a dozen or more.

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