From Polo to Plant Food…my story


Dr. Deming taught me all about the importance of “optimizing” the most important systems.

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2 Responses to Deming

  1. John H. Kvicky says:

    Mr. Hicks:

    Thank you sharing some of your tremendous “life adventures”.

    The Deming seminar that you attended, was that the one in July, 1992. If so, can you please tell me the specific location for inclusion in a bibliography that I am completing in connection with a doctoral dissertation.


    John Kvicky, President
    Quality Systems Group Inc
    Brea, California 92823


    • jmorrishicks says:


      First, did you find my site through an internet search? If so, what was your search criteria?

      In answer to your question, the seminar I attended was in a lecture hall with stadium seating (about 150 in attendance) on the campus of George Washing ton University in Washington, DC. The conference was being broadcast simultaneously to scores of university audiences across the country.

      Regards, J. Morris Hicks (If you need to contact me directly, visit the Contact Us Page on my website.

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