Why did Steve Jobs die? Dr. McDougall

Since Steve Jobs passed away in early October of 2011, people everywhere have been wondering why he died. Those of us who eat mostly plants have been wondering why a self-proclaimed, strict vegan like Jobs would succumb to pancreatic  cancer. His biography led us to believe that he could have been cured of his cancer if he’d just agreed to have the surgery in 2003. But, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

My friend Dr. John McDougall has probably done more research, and discovered more answers, on this topic than anyone. He has carefully researched the Jobs biography and the 60-Minutes telecast with the author, Walter Isaacson. He has also drawn upon his medical training and knowledge of cancer to create a very comprehensive explanation in in his November 2011 Newsletter, a link to which I added in my 10-8-2011 blog post on December 3.

NEW VIDEO. Now John has produced a 40-minute video at one of his Advanced Study Weekends and has made it available to all of us. I watched it earlier this week and sent a note to John asking a few more questions that still remained in my mind. Although he did respond to my e-mail, there are still questions remaining. But this video should give you a much better idea about why Steve Jobs died or rather why he lived as long as he did with the horrible cancer that he had.

Dr. John McDougall—“Why did Steve Jobs die?” (Feb. 2012)

The questions that still remain for me are the following:

  1. When did Steve Jobs begin eating a vegan diet? At what age?
  2. Did he eat a “health-promoting” vegan diet or just a vegan diet?
  3. If he had eaten a truly “health-promoting” vegan diet since birth, would he have been less likely to develop pancreatic cancer?
  4. Also, if he had eaten that truly “health-promoting” vegan diet since birth and still got cancer—would his cancer still have killed him at age 56 or would he have been more likely to have lived much longer?

In my post on October 8, I featured a video by Dr. Michael Greger on the relationship between the consumption of animal foods and pancreatic cancer. I also included a link to the McDougall Newsletter mentioned earlier. For your convenience, here is that post:

Steve Jobs. Vegan? Early death from pancreatic cancer? (posted 10-8-11)

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2 Responses to Why did Steve Jobs die? Dr. McDougall

  1. Gary Selton says:

    What about Linda McCartney? She did’nt work in the computer industry as a Kid of 14.

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