S.O.S. Memos

Promoting the Global “Conversation” re Saving Our Species

This page provides timely updates regarding our most crucial task in the history of humanity: Saving our civilization and saving Homo sapiens from extinction. Join Our Mailing List (very easy to unsubscribe)

Leveraging the most recognized distress signal in the world, these memos are aimed at continuously promoting globally coordinated, urgently executed “big picture” solutions that are necessary for completely reinventing our civilization.

Trying to convert our incredibly wasteful and harmful way of life in the developed world into one that can coexist in harmony with nature is like trying to convert a donkey into a spaceship. That’s why it’s so clear that we must start over from scratch when creating our new, sustainable, “successor” civilization.

I covered that topic in my 20-minute video presentation at the McDougall Climate Mastermind event on January 9, 2021: Donkeys & Spaceships. A quick look at crucial “systems” that shape our lives and our future. Also, we cover the entire, big-picture story in our new book, OUTCRY, published on the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day, 4-22-20. Order on Amazon.

J. Morris (Jim) Hicks, email me at jmorrishicks@me.com – My one-page bio summary

(Technical note: Attention Mac users. Until further notice, we recommend that you use Chrome browser instead of Safari to view these SOS Memos. There is no problem with viewing on iPads or iPhones.)

Most recent memos are listed first:

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Printer-Friendly One-Pagers. As a former engineer and corporate executive, I know the importance of being able to make your case and describe a course of action on a single sheet of paper. That’s exactly what I have done here:

  1. Corporate Wellness One-Pager  Our flexible consulting approach for promoting health and slashing the cost of health care in all kinds of organizations.
  2. One-Page 4Leaf Guide for Healthcare Providers Helping doctors and other medical professionals streamline the health-promoting capabilities of whole plant foods.
  3. One-Page Guide for saving our ecosystem with engineering and business basics
  4. One-Page Recipe for Saving our Ecosystem
  5. “From Polo to Plant Food” — and a new career based on sustainability

Bonus: My three-page, 12-point paper on climate change (April 2016)

Food. Health. Planet. — Our Future as a Species. (my go-to presentation)


Sailing away with 4Leaf to health and sustainability

—J. Morris Hicks, board member since 2012; click banner for more info:

Nutrition Certificate

3 Responses to S.O.S. Memos

  1. Carol Hicks says:

    Sad to accept just how horribly dysfunctional our species has always been and continues to be, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory at every turn. The rare cooperation that allows the International Space Station to exist inspires the slimmest hope that we are even capable of it when we so consistently fail at it here on Earth.

  2. Jim: Your BSB #98 today is not yet shown as a hyperlink, just shows as text, not clickable to reach.

  3. Cindy says:

    Thanks for sending great information in your newsletter. I sure hope you continue on the path back to good health. My concern for you is the warfarin, is not great stuff. Have you looked into using natural vitamin E as it is a natural blood thinner? Years ago the Wilifred and Evan Shute from Canada used it to treat thousands of patients. The Shute Medical Institute is in London, Ontario and still carries their message forward. An online search will find many resources such as: http://www.anaturalcure.com or http://www.ericbakker.com/.
    In good health,

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