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Co-written by a family medicine physician, this book covers ALL the reason we should be eating mostly whole plants.

Co-written by a family medicine physician, this book covers ALL the reasons we should be eating mostly whole plants.

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Our Free TeleSummit gift to you consists of four parts:

  • The Introduction and four chapters of our 2015 book. (See links below)
  • Unlimited free use of our 4Leaf Survey for estimating the percent of your daily calories that are derived from the healthiest of foods–whole plants.
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Our 4Leaf Survey is the only tool like it in the world. It is a simple, two-minute survey to help people anywhere determine how close they are to eating an optimal diet–as defined by Dr. T. Colin Campbell of Cornell: “The closer we get to eating a diet of whole, plant-based foods, the better off we will be.” Now available in seven languages, you can the survey online in English and have your score and report in minutes:

Intro and 4 Chapters from 4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health

Introduction to our 4Leaf Guide This book covers the most important topic in the history of humanity–our food choices in the 21st century.

Chapter 1 Physician Heal Thyself, Then Others. Dr. Kerry Graff tells her own story about how one of her patients helped inspire her to start truly promoting health.

Chapter 24 Losing Weight with 4Leaf. The simple truth about weight control.

Chap 17 $aving Money with 4Leaf. Most people think it costs more money to eat healthy–NOT if you know what you’re doing.

Chapter 37 Calling All Doctors Contains a letter that you can give to your doctor; it will explain to him/her the “big picture” of what we should be eating. Click here for printer-friendly version of that letter.

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